New Jersey Bartending License

Taking a bartending certification course provided by is the first step in preparing yourself for a job bartending in New Jersey. The complete, 24x7 availability of our online bartending course allows students to learn how to handle alchol seller/server situations before they step behind the bar. Become an experienced bartending licensee and take a course that will prep you for interviews, give you the need-to-know and impress managers on what you know about bartending. A bartending certificate in the state of New Jersey provides assurance that you know what you are doing when you step behind the bar.

Bartending in New Jersey

The Division of Alcohol and Beverage Control regulate the State of New Jersey bartending laws. Bartending age in New Jersey is 18. You must be 21 years old to drink and consume alcoholic beverages however. We encourage taking a bartending course in order educate all employees and staff on the safe serving laws of the state. You can start today using the bartending certification course and work your way towards a better understanding of being a professional bartender. 

State Selected: New Jersey

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